Mallebrok got together in autumn 2014. The 5 members knew each other from the root-folk scene, working with music and lyrics several hundred years old – much of it medieval. Denmark has a huge collection of lyrics and melodies collected from common people, mostly poor farmers.
The melodies are mostly simple, yet often a bit strange, and the lyrics are about revenge, love, royalty, sex, trolls, or simply funny or sad stories. Playing and singing these songs is a task that never finishes – there are too many and they are in too many variations to be finished, and more likely, musicians will end up making their own version. And so did Mallebrok.
The most radical musical decision is to let electronica be a significant part of the sound, live-played as well as pre-recorded. Apart from that, the music is played on different folk string-instruments, trombone, shawn and on the drummers’ well-equipped set-up. On top of it all is the enchanting voice of Mia Guldhammer, one of Denmarks most esteemed folk singers. A few of the songs are made by Mallebrok, being inspired by some of the original material.Summer 2016 they released their album ”Levende Brav” and attention is being paid by clubs and festivals, as Mallebroks concerts are lively and intense in a mix of beauty, vivacity, craziness and fragility. One of Denmarks top-rappers – Per Vers – has performed with Mallebrok at different occasions.

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